To provide all types of free or concessional services to the poor and needy persons of both rural and urbans areas time; free transport facility , free eye and health checkup facility, free optical and other required instruments like spectacles, hearing aids, excludes, & other appliances, medicines, etc.,

To business for providing govt. approved project to govt. employees and to construct own building of the trust in order to achieve the objects of the trust and for achieving greater coordination.

To raise funds for all the welfare activities by subscriptions, donations, contributions, grants, loan being accepted from governmental and non-governmental organization and from international financial institutions that are lawful for social schemes & may beneficial for the upliftment of the weaker section in the country.

To accept any assistance , co-operation, donations, etc., in form of materials and equipments like, medical, educational, technical, gifts, and presents which will facilitate to meet the requirements of the welfare activities. To develop the wakfs properties / private lands, panchayats lands, government & forest lands for effective utilization and soc.-economic development.

To support in availing the international financial assistance in the form of grants and soft loan to the indian social organization, business houses and projects of social sectors which are based on humanitarian grounds from international donors, trusts, multilateral development banks and funding agencies.

The organization will also arranges direct cooperation to promote joint ventures to indian entrepreneurs from developed countries for social and economic development.

To mobilizing public awareness, organize camps, seminars, conference, conventions, workshops, income generating program with a view to chance the economic advancement the organization will focus special attention in public participation for income gain and employment.

To placing special emphasis on community based management , public co-operative schemes for better consumerisation, local particiapation volunteers and representatives to participate and implement economic and social policies of central governments sectors, public sector making more effective for economic development through establishing of co-operative stores, consumer goods agencies, civil need centers and sales for daily use in community.

To establish movies, audio –video and animations production units, which will have base themes on promoting general sensitivity of population of population control, national integration, communal harmony, boosting tourism& culture raising public awareness related national issues and preservation of moral and spiritual values by all to a wide range of information through the mass media and other means.

To focus our efforts and to provide basic amenities for women including elimination of hunger and malnutrition. To provide security, education, employment, protection of childhood, primary health care service wafer and sanitation and provision of safe participation in social and culture activities in urban areas.

To encourage women participation to entrepreneurship through occupational training there by improving their economic and social status in the society; concentrate on elimination of evils of dowry and to expose them to their basic right and equality in each field o development including domestic work and family reunification.

To provide social justice through protection of rights of children, including urban, street and abandoned, those with disabilities and drug addiction. Save children from forced labor and or bonded labor, provide shelter and psychological attention, and rehabilitate them into the society. Introduce adequate facilities to ensure children’s development in education, health, cultural activities and sports.

Beside it will be providing and constructing, houses for homeless, establish industrial & food processing units, their planning deigns & implementation,. The organization will occasionally focus on handicrafts promotion, non conventional energy resources, drinking water & sanitation schemes, population control, animals betterments, biotech research, health care & family welfare, traditional herbal treatments, youth affairs, adventures boosting & national integration.

Trust have work charity, NGO is a national level, non- profitable & non-political organization functioning in india. Since its inception, the organization functioning in india. Since its inception, the organization has been involved in the charitable activities for environment protection, human and rural development to build a social / cultural movement, global relation and economic equity through developmental programs on literacy, agriculture, environmental protection, health, health, technical education, arts & handicrafts, science & technology & youth affairs.

In order to disseminate results periodic leadership training workshops & awareness programmes, for family health care and environment, national integration, youth campus are heal by the organization all over country. This process also helps to increase charitable contributions for advancement of the organizations programs and achievements.

To organization has been in constant touch with central & state governments as well as non- governmental organizations in india and abroad in order to enhance resources. Contributions are also being received from various philanthropist organizations and individuals.

The present program of action outlines policies, actions and measures to implement the principles and fulfill to commitments. Action framework for sustained economic growth and sustainable development for national and international environment favorable to social development to eradicate poverty & enhance productive employment, reduce unemployment and to speeds social integration and harmonious culture relationship among people and nations.

To start health clinic, hospital, family welfare center, health awareness, mobile medical van with up to date ambulance, and emergency medical program.

To implement the schemes of development for women and children de-addiction, adult- education, family planning vaccination and welfare schemes of government agencies and propagate.

To organize free medical camps, blood donations, camps, eye donation campus, etc. in village and urban areas for the benefit of the general public.

To establish, run, maintain, manage and control the various medical/ colleges, training institution/ courses like, medical, dental, para medical, ayurvedic , unani , homeopathic, naturopathy, pharmacy, nursing, laboratory, occupational therapy, dietician, beautician, acupuncture and acupressure therapy etc. (after getting proper permission from the competent authority of it is required).

Clothes, blankets (kambal) shoes, bicycles, umbrella etc., distribution to the poor farmers, laborers, poor students & needy peoples.

To meet all these expenses our trust may take loan, donations, contributions from people many organizations & even govt. grants too.

To undertake research and consultancy services towards achieving the goal of good governance by conducting citizen satisfaction and perception studies on delivery of government services and programmes, delievery of public services, examining best practices in different states and countries etc.

To undertake advocacy efforts by organizing seminars , publication of booklets and reports, media advertisements etc.to appraise the general public and public officals about the best practices in good governance and promote their implementation.

To study and document electoral behavior for understanding the needs and priorities of the general public and their evaluation of the performance of public representatives and governments to help the present and future governments to implement programmes and policies in tune with people’s expectations.

To collect membership fee, grant, economical help, publish books and to collect money for achieving help, publish books and to collect money for achieving the objects of the trust and progress.

To undertake extensive data collection and information gathering exercises to monitor and evaluate developmental origrammes targeted at various citizen groups and public services delivered to the general public, large scale surveys involving extensive data collection- both qualitative as will as quantitative-help in an accurate assessment of development programmes and facilitate mid-course corrections for successful implementation.

To undertake implementation of various socio-economic development programmes in the fields of education, health, rural development etc. for the benefit of the poor and other deserving sections.

To offer peoffesional expertise and services to agencies engaged in developmental sector and delivery of public services.

To organize seminars & workshops, publish books and materials, produce films, etc. for diffusion of political education in promoting accountability, transparency and integrity in governance.

To encourage and promote higher education among meritorious students in relevant of study for promoting good governance practices.

To create necessary infrastructure for promoting good governance and effective programme implementation as the continuity and sustainability of efforts to bring about good governance and effective programmes implementation is critically dependent on creation of necessary infrastructure for investigation. Analysis, documentation, dissemination and action.

To impart training and assist in capacity building efforts of state and central governments, community based organizations (CBOs) and other agencies to improve the implementation of development programmes and development of service delivery.

To establish education institutions and centers, to run, organize, manage, and to give technical, industrial, and commercial education particularly for weaker sections of the society and for physically challenged.

To provide education and to propagate general knowledge and to give computer education by way of felling of education.

To make member of those trust who is working with similar objects for the upliftment of trust. Amalgamating in those trusts or amalgamating those trusts, so that, the trust who is working for trust interest get benefit.

To approach any other concerned agency for allotment of land to open and run nursery, pre- primary, primary; middle and senior secondary schools, engineering, IT park, medical. Colleges, medical hospitals and other colleges for all and for the poor folk irrespective of caste , creed and social status & to attain any of the aims and objectives.

To open, found, establish, promote, set-up, rum, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or help the various charitable educational, industrial, technical/non Technical, vocational, agricultural & community development programs for all and all over in India.

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