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Akhil Bharat Navjyoti Trust is one of Kota's largest volunteers based non-governmental organization.Akhil Bharat Navjyoti Trust is a registered, non-profit, public charitable trust working towards its objective of 'Helping People Help Themselves' by making the disadvantaged self-reliant and thereby enabling them to lead a life of dignity. It was set up in 2011 to extend financial and non financial support to grass root programmes working in the areas of Education, Health and Community Development. Our support through these issues helps us touch the lives of a wider section of beneficiaries such as children, youth, the specially challenged, women and the elderly.

It follows the highest international standards of due diligence while evaluating these NGOs, and adheres to strict requirements of accountability, transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency.Akhil Bharat Navjyoti Trust prides itself on being an effective 'change agent' who bridges the gap between the corporate sector and the civil society and collectively helping build sustainable communities.

About Akhil Bharat Navjyoti Trust

Team Management

Our Team Managers everywhere want teams that are effective, focused and committed to organizational goals,With a team like this, just think of the performance and results you could provide.Our Teams only perform like this if their managers are motivating them effectively.The better you are able to link these factors together, the higher the motivation levels of your team are likely to be. That's a win-win for you, them, and the organization.

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