Akhil Bharat Navjyoti Trust core values are aligned to catalyze social and economic change for the most underserved communities in India to help individuals realize their full potential. We aim to help create an India free from poverty, one in which everyone has access to affordable education, health care and livelihood opportunities.


Akhil Bharat Navjyoti Trust is a private, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization. We ensure that every dollar contributed is used as efficiently as possible to maximize impact and catalyze sector-wide changes across India and uplift some of the country’s most impoverished communities.


Akhil Bharat Navjyoti Trust has raised more than $118 million and impacted some 4.6 million lives from across 24 states of India. Learn more about the people who make this a reality—our Board of Directors, Trustees, advisory councils, and international team of development professionals.


Our model is built on the principle of partnership to achieve maximum impact and reach. We are proud of our national network of 293 NGO partners, and our many corporate and foundation partners, in our journey to create and equalize opportunities for India’s citizens.


To provide all types of free or concessional services to the poor and needy persons of both rural and urbans areas time; free transport facility , free eye and health checkup facility, free optical and other required instruments like spectacles, hearing aids, excludes, & other appliances, medicines, etc.,

To business for providing govt. approved project to govt. employees and to construct own building of the trust in order to achieve the objects of the trust and for achieving greater coordination.


To raise funds for all the welfare activities by subscriptions, donations, contributions, grants, loan being accepted from governmental and non-governmental organization and from international financial institutions that are lawful for social schemes & may beneficial for the upliftment of the weaker section in the country.

To accept any assistance , co-operation, donations, etc., in form of materials and equipments like, medical, educational, technical, gifts, and presents which will facilitate to meet the requirements of the welfare activities. To develop the wakfs properties / private lands, panchayats lands, government & forest lands for effective utilization and soc.-economic development.

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